Adventure Island


Adventure Island is a multiplayer, 4 way scrolling game for the Sony Ericsson T610, K700i and K750i. A Tomcat servlet container was used to coordinate multiple players over a GPRS connection. Using a web server in this manner resulted in approximately 3 seconds of latency. The game has only been tested with a maximum of 3 players on 3 Sony Ericsson K700i's and 6 players using emulators in Microsoft Windows XP.

A tiling technique was used to create the game world. The game can also be played in single player mode. Players may upload their game state and game character information to the Tomcat web server in order to save / load games independently of the mobile device. Data is saved to persistent memory using MySQL and Record Management Store (RMS) on the server and mobile device respectively.

Technologies and methods used.

Sample screenshots

Splash screen on mobile device

Edge of playing area

Some game activities had time limits

Default starting coordinates of game character

The game character could walk into buildings

... buildings could be places to aquire equipment

Game menu

Sony Ericsson K700i emulators running Adventure Island in mulitplayer mode. Each Player's character is centered on the mobile device.

Sony Ericsson T610 running an early prototype of Adventure Island.

Map of the 4 way scrolling game world.