Firefox plugin for Gmail chat


A Firefox plugin written using XUL and JavaScript, it allows users of Gmail chat to move their chat session to any tab they have open. Previously it would be necessary to navigate back to the tab which contains the users email accout and thereofre chat session. However this plugin allows chats to be added and removed from any tab the user wishes.

Technologies used.

Sample screenshots

Screenshot of gmailXchat in use where the user has a new chat message.

Screenshot of gmailXchat in use where the user does not haves a new chat message.

To add or remove a gmail chat frame to any webpage, the user right clicks on that page and selects either 'Open gmailxhcat' or 'Close gmailxchat' respectively. A copy of the gmail chat will then appear in the page.


GMailXChat used the Mediator Design Pattern in many places.