A two player mobile game written in J2ME. Players can play multiple games of Hangman, with one player choosing the word to guess and the other making guesses. A series of games make a 'round', the winner of the round is the one who wins a majority of the games. Communication is via Bluetooth. A custom keyboard screen was programmed to allow for customised and controlled input, rather than relying on pre-built J2ME GUI components.

Technologies used.

Sample screenshots

Custom keyboard in disableed mode. This occurs when the other player is making their move.

Various sprites are displayed to showing the progress of the game as guesses are made. Whenever game progress is displayed in this manner the game background is greyed out, creating a 3D effect.

Same as above, on a different emulator.

The custom keyboard can be navigated using either a joystick or traditional input keys.

Hangman main menu.

Loading / splash page.

Selecting a character prints it below the keyboard display, allowing the user to either make a guess or create a new game word. Characters can be deleted using the symbol '<', position in the bottom right of the keyboard display.

Appropriate messages are displayed on both mobile devices when the game completes.