AS2Docs is software written for Macromedia flash programmers to produce HTML documentation of their ActionScript classes and APIs. AS2Docs was designed to be the ActionScript 2.0 equivalent of the JavaDoc tool from Sun Microsystems. A friendly Graphic User Interface makes AS2Docs quick and easy to use. Programmers select ActionScript 2.0 class files from the local computer they're working from. The code can contain a variety of comments which the parser / tokeniser processes. For example the programmer may precede a function with:

 * This method always returns immediately, whether or not the 
 * image exists. When this applet attempts to draw the image on
 * the screen, the data will be loaded. The graphics primitives 
 * that draw the image will incrementally paint on the screen. 
 * @param  url  an absolute URL giving the base location of the image
 * @param  name the location of the image, relative to the url argument
 * @return      the image at the specified URL
 * @see         Image

Comments and documentation style were based on the successful JavaDoc format. HTML pages are produced which detail the correct use of the class / API.

Technologies and methods used.

Example output

Example output using standard style (opens in new window or tab).

Sample screenshots

Double clicking the executable displayed a loading screen while the software is being initialised.

User's first view of AS2Docs displays features and system requirements.

The User can add as many ActionScript 2.0 files as they required. Files could also be removed. Clicking the 'Create Docs' button started processing of the class files. A log of activity is displayed to the User, including any errors that were encountered during processing. The User can also select the target location of the documentation on their computer.

The AS2Docs help panel. At the time of taking the screenshot, the help text had not been written. Dummy text is displayed here.

JavaDoc style is the default, however the User can choose from a number of styles defined in separate style sheets and can even create their own.